UPDATED January 2, 2007
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Idea for Nonprofit to Help Families of Killed in Action Originates.

Assistant Secretary of Defense Rush Wishes Us "Every Success" in Endeavors for U.S. KIA Kin. (PDF-Letter)
Lt. Colonel Steward, Chief, Army's Mortuary Affairs and Casualty Support Division, Wishes Us the Best in Our Endeavors for KIA Families. (PDF of Letter)
America Remembers KIA First Flies Blood-Red Flag.*  (GIF of Flag Design)  (JPG of Flag Flying)
World Trade Center Attacked.

USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation Begins Web Site.
America Remembers KIA Flags Sent to Iraq.* (JPG-Flag Autographed by U.S. Military in Iraq)
The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA) Incorporates.
USAKIA Bylaws Signed.

California's Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Determines USAKIA Tax Exempt and Tax Deductible.
KIA Memorial Yahoo Group Formed.
IRS Determines USAKIA Tax Exempt and Tax Deductible. (PDF of Letter)

White House Sends Thank You for Its Free KIA Flag in a Government Mailing. (PDF-Thank-You Card)
First Annual KIA Thunder Run, Moss Landing, CA, September 3, 2005. (JPG1)  (JPG2)  (JPG3)  (JPG4)  (JPG5)

First Annual Moss Landing Memorial Day Event, May 29, 2006. (JPG1) (JPG2) (JPG3) (JPG4)
Second Annual KIA Thunder Run, Moss Landing, CA, 9-2. (JPG1) (JPG2) (JPG3) (JPG4) (JPG5) (JPG6) (JPG7)
Congressman Farr's Office Gives USAKIA Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. (PDF-Certificate)
White House Commission on Remembrance Thanks USAKIA for Free KIA Flag (PDF-Letter)
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2005 - June

2006 - May
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The USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation (USAKIA) is here to increase ability to demonstrate the strength of families with killed in action (KIA) or died of wounds (DOW) while in our U.S. Armed Forces. KIA family and public support through USAKIA programs such as membership, memorials, and direct support to KIA families will honor their memory, show gratitude, and provide America with social justice. We are there for the whole family, and we are also a unique organization begun by KIA family members, for USA KIA family members, and for us, every day is Memorial Day. "All gave some... Some gave all."


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